Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Power of Worship

We have a friend that met a guy several years ago on a camping trip at the beach. Turns out, the guy was also from Bakersfield. They talked a while and even had lunch together a few times after the trip, but then just sort of lost contact in the busyness of life. About a year ago, they ran into eachother again at the gym. Yesterday, the guy came to church with our friend. And last night he came with his nine-year-old daughter. She sat up in the front with our friend's daughter. About halfway through, she came back and sat on dad's lap. She whispered in his ear, "daddy, can we keep coming here?". He said, "why? Are you having fun playing?". She said, "yeah, but it touched me here..." and put her little hand over her heart!!!
He was tearful as he was retelling the story to my husband and our friend. And he said that he doesn't know if it will work out, but he wants to try to reconcile with his wife!
So, yes, it took a lot of effort to put it together. And the music was great, and the videos were wonderful, but more importantly, lives were touched!! Thanks again for a great, heart-touching evening! I will continue to pray that we don't let the busyness of our lives interfere with our daily worship of our amazing God!

Have a wonderful day!
1 Peter 5:7

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